We began this job with 4 climbers.  They all trickled away, in 4 days.  I wonder why?  I started on the far right.  The 3rd guy caused some small damage on the 3rd day (notice the missing street light head by the ladder), got flustered, and left this piece hanging right out over the street!  He didn't come back the next morning.  Guess who got to cleanup his mess? 

Hey!  So I've got a Eucman tendency or two.  Hope I'm not blowing it by revealing this side of my split personality.  The last arborist who tried it found out people have no sympathy!

Certain trees, like Oaks, demand a light touch from sensitive people who know how to prune delicately.

Eucs, on the other hand, get brutally massacred by those who think "Liposuction"!

Get the full skinny on enhancing tree values thru judicious pruning.  End the senseless torture & mutilation!